Royal Court Report – Night Under the Town

Señor Santiago Ruiz de Zaragoza Unto Their Royal Majesties, Cuán MacDaige and Pádraigín Ó hEachach, Most High and Mighty Sovereigns, In obedience to Your Majesties’ commands, herein begins my account of the Courts of Your Royal Majesties held this 31st day of March, Anno Societatis XLVI, being the Gregorian year 2012, in the Barony of …

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The Acorn Online

For those who haven’t received your latest issue of The Acorn (or even for those who have), beginning with the March 2012 issue, The Acorn is available online. If you try to follow the link in The Acorn, they missed a letter. The address is You can access The Acorn by signing in using …

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Vivant to TRH

The results have been determined from Crown Tournament. Their Royal Majesties, Bryan and Brianna, have selected Michael of Bedford and Seonaid ní Fhionn as Their Heirs. Vivant to Their Royal Highnesses and vivat Atlantia!