Night under the Town pictures online

The pictures I have from Night under the Town are now available: Night under the Town Photo Album. There are currently only 5 pictures in the album because I was a bit more busy with video and plotting dastardly heraldic surprises. If you would like to submit photos for use on the website, please e-mail …

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Baronial Court Report – Night under the Town

Unto Their Majesties, Cuán and Pádraigin, King and Queen of Atlantia; unto Their Excellencies, Galmr Ingolfsson and Eydís Herjolfrsdóttir, Baron and Baroness of Lochmere, and unto Triton Principal Herald also, greetings. With the gracious consent of His Most Atlantian Majesty, Cuán, King of Atlantia, Their Excellencies of Lochmere held a baronial court on the afternoon …

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