Heavy Fighting

We shall hold a great armored melee tournament the likes of which has not seen for many a year. There will be scope for heroes, for units of legend, for fighters seeking renown. The battles will test not just your fighting mettle, but also your wits, for this is the time of Odysseus the sacker of cities; well, this is the time of a modern interpretation of a 15th-century interpretation of the Iliad, but let not the truth get in the way of a great story.

Rapier Scenarios:

The year is 1200 BC. Bronze-armored Achaeans from across the Mediterranean have mustered under the powerful Agamemnon; Old Priam fills his stockpiles of sorghum wheat behind the thick walls of Troy to prepare for siege, hiding his young son Paris and the beautiful Helen inside. Who will you side with: the endless Achaeans with hollow ships, sailing up the coast and trying to make a beachhead on the shores of Troy? Or the breakers of horses in their indomitable fortress?

Schedule of Rapier Activities:

I. First Thing Post-Morning-Court: Prize Fight
Before any good War is a testing of the finest champions from both sides. Come to the Rapier List to join in Nyvein Dyfnawal’s Free Scholar Prize Fight! Challenge her to any (legal) form of combat on the Rapier List, or no form of combat at all: past challenges have included thumb wrestling, pushups, and dance-offs! How will we know if she’s prepared to siege the walls of Troy if she can’t conquer these small tasks?

II. The Trojan War
This Trojan War will consist of three scenarios of two teams, Red and Blue. In each scenario, one team will play as the Achaeans (Offense) and one as the Trojans (Defense), and then switch. The team that completes all three scenarios in the shortest time has best demonstrated the Greek Concepts of kleos, metis, and nostos, and will return home victorious.

III. Blood of Heroes Tourney
Any heroes left standing after the siege will want to compete in Games to celebrate their victory! Join the weary survivors in 5-man teams for the Blood of Heroes Tournament!