Arts and Sciences

A&S competitions will be:
A&S theme of “a day at the market”. So show my judges something you made that could be sold at market, be it books, or clothes, or food. Display that reinforces the market day theme is encouraged!
There will be a scribal contest for contracts and books and other documents that are NOT award scrolls.
Last there will be a table setting contest, with a prize for the best laid table at feast.
All three contests are documentation encouraged but not required 🙂
There will be a brewing class and a brewing competition hosted by Mikhail Novgorodets. Bring your finest homebrew to be judged.


The 3rd Annual Longish Story Competition at 3 PM in Fevronia and Igor’s Bardic Gathering spot. Stories up to 20 minutes may be told. All those entering should bring some form of booty to be awarded to the best teller of a long tale.


In addition to all the great art and science activities at Battle on the Bay, Vagando Stolti – The Wandering Fools will have a commedia display where you can learn more about commedia. We may even do a couple short skits! Come check us out and learn more about how to join us in our future foolish fun!