Candidates for Baronial Succession

Below are the three sets of candidates who are vying for the privilege to succeed Baron Cormacc and Baroness Sarra as the next B&B of Lochmere.  The links on this page will take you to the respective candidate’s Letter of Intent (LOI).  If, after reading each candidate’s LOI, you have questions about how they would govern the barony, please reach out to them directly and/or submit a question for the baronial Q&A, which will be held on June 1st, to .

Lady Anne d’Evreux and Lady Aine d’Alton
Lady Anne’s phone number is (410) 533-6458 and email address is
Lady Aine’s phone number is (443) 528-4012 and email address is

Master Kryss Kostarev and Dame Dealla Cohen
Master Kryss’ phone number is (808) 356-9567 and email address is l
Dame Dealla’s phone number is (410) 236-3926 and email address is

Magestra Letia Thistelhueyt and the Honorable Lord Linhart von Marburg
Magestra Letia’s phone number is (919) 699-4599 and email address is
Lord Linhart’s phone number is (410) 908-8697 and email address is

Lady Anne d’Evreux and Lady Aine d’Alton

Unto the King and Queen of Atlantia, Anton and Luned; Their Excellencies of Lochmere, Cormac and Sarra; the populace of the Barony of Lochmere; and friends throughout the Kingdom of Atlantia,

We, Lady Anne d’Evreux and Lady Aine d’Alton, send our warmest greeting and sincerest wishes of good health and happiness. We are sending this message to ask you to recognize our service and love for our Barony of Lochmere and consider our eligibility as the Baronesses of this beloved Barony.

We were both raised within this Society and taught the values, code of honor, and service to the Dream by our parents from a very young age. Lady Anne was raised throughout the SCA, notably the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, Calontir, and Drachenwald, before finding herself in Atlantia. Here, she joined her family in the Barony of Stierbach before making her way to her home Barony of Lochmere. Lady Aine is a true child of Atlantia, born to Atlanians and beginning in the Barony of Marinus. She spent her youth in the Kingdom of Ansteorra, then returned to Atlantia and the Barony of Bright Hills, finally making her way to the Barony of Lochmere where her heart rests today.

“Service to the Dream” has been a lifelong lesson for us. We learned service at our mothers’ side in the kitchens and feast halls and through supporting our fathers on the list field. We have served as retainers to Landed Baronages, with Lady Aine refining her skills through serving multiple monarchs of Atlantia. Lady Aine currently serves the Barony of Lochmere as the Equestrian Champion and has paved the way for equestrian activities at Lochmere events. Lady Anne has served as the Barony’s Chatelaine and continues to offer support and guidance to newcomers however she can. We have served individually as autocrats for the Barony’s Midwinter’s Feasts, and Lady Anne has co-autocrated alongside Her Excellency of Lochmere for Atlanita’s Spring Crown Tournament 2019. Service is an integral part of the Dream, acting as a foundation to support our community and foster a sense of unity. As Baronage, we would like to continue to provide opportunities for the populace to serve each other and our kingdom.

Pageantry and the arts are fundamental to upholding the imagery and wonder of the Dream. We are skilled seamstresses and willingly share our knowledge and skills with others. Lady Anne has used her skill to create populace favors for the Barony of Lochmere and continues to beautify our Barony with scribal works. She has contributed to the Kingdom through scribal works and largess gifts for the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Calontir. Lady Anne continues to serve our Barony as the Minister of Arts and Sciences, holding regular Arts and Sciences meetings with the intent of promoting the many skilled artisans within our Barony and their period artistry. Our goal is to continue to foster regularly scheduled Arts and Sciences meetings where we can all learn from each other through the exploration of our interests.

We, Lady Anne d’Evreux and Lady Aine d’Alton, spent our childhoods aiding our fathers on the list field. From our time listside, we learned the key to winning any battle is equipment maintenance, hydration, and the physical comfort of our fighting force. To that end, we regularly dedicate ourselves as water bearers at Kingdom events and Pennsic, supporting our fighting forces however we can. We are both authorized equestrians and understand the focus, drive, sacrifice, and dedication all marshall activities require of their participants. Together, we revived Atlanita’s Cavalry program in the Northern region of the Kingdom. Lady Anne scouted locations and planned practices, while Lady Aine, an equestrian marshal of Atlantia, marshalled the practices and events. Lady Aine brought the Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competitions (IKEC) back to Atlantia during practices and events, helping Atlantia claim renown on the letterboard. She has also successfully trained and tutored others toward their own marshalates, leading to an increase in equestrian events. As the equestrian champion of Lochmere, Lady Aine brought cavalry competitions to Lochmere’s Battle on the Bay, serving as the Equestrian Marshal In Charge and as the event’s Marshal in Charge. We would like to encourage the growth of our fighting forces by supporting our fighters and missilers and help develop our cavalry and siege weapons programs.

While it is imperative to be present for Baronial business meetings and home events, we strongly feel representing Lochmere throughout the Kingdom is equally as important. Both of us have been regular attendants of local events, as well as Unevent, Ruby Joust, War of the Wings, and Pennsic. We enjoy traveling and would be honored to represent our Barony throughout the Known World. We have attended SCA 50 Year, East Kingdom 50 Year, and served previous Monarchs as ambassadors to the Kingdom of Calontir for the coronation of Matsunaga Kagetora and Elena Moreno del Mar. We are, and intend to remain, available to the populace as often as possible, whether it be in person, via phone, social media, or mail.

We truly love the Barony of Lochmere and want to continue its tradition of remaining open and encompassing to all. We would like to continue to foster the sense of community we remember from our childhoods, while remaining flexible to the changes of the times. As individuals who were raised within the Society, we have a special fondness for our youth and intend to encourage the skills and knowledge they possess to develop into leadership skills.

We thank you for your time and consideration in this missive for our candidacy for Baronesses of our beloved Lochmere. We would consider it an honor to serve our Barony and a privilege to represent Lochmere as your Baronesses.

Master Kryss Kostarev and Dame Dealla Cohen

Unto the King and Queen of Atlantia, Anton and Luned, the officers, populace and friends of the proud Barony of Lochmere,

We, Master Kryss Kostarev and Dame Dealla Cohen send our warmest and most humble greetings. We submit this letter to state our desire for your consideration to become Baron and Baroness of our beloved Barony. We would be honored to be selected Baron and Baroness because we love Lochmere. We have lived in this area for many years and enjoyed the fellowship of many Baronies, but Lochmere is our home and our love.

We actively participate at local, regional, and Kingdom level events. We participate in Martial activities, Arts and Sciences, Teaching, Autocrating, and being officers locally. We both love to have fun in so many ways in the SCA. Between the two of us, we have held nearly every officer position in the SCA.

Lochmere has had the benefit of having strong leadership over the last several years. The Baron and Baroness and the officers have been outstanding; our populace has thrived under their care. We will endeavor to maintain this careful stewardship of these lands for the royals of Atlantia.

We have both been fighters. We have participated in fencing. We have been very active in archery and thrown weapons and we want to continue to participate and promote all kinds of martial activities for the barony.

We have both worked in arts and sciences, participating and teaching. We want to continue to promote our artisans and draw more people into teaching and actively participating. We will try to actively promote Lochmere’s wonderful creations and research to all the kingdom and into the Known World.

Building on a practice seen long ago in another land, we would like to promote A&S and social gathering in conjunction with fighter practice. We feel that it will not only promote fighting practice and A&S but will also help to promote more of a feeling of unity within the barony.

Both of us will be promoting archery and thrown weapons, but Dame Dealla would like to help promote combat archery more. We would like to help make Atlantian combat archers the most feared archers on any field of combat, within the kingdom or elsewhere. We both support equestrians as well.

In addition, we both believe that Lochmere can support more Kingdom level events. We intend to submit more bids for Kingdom level events. Lochmere has the talent and the location. We need to foster the drive to be of service to the kingdom. We have great citizens of Lochmere and we want to show off our hospitality and service to the Kingdom.

We hope to continue the great work of previous barons and baronesses and foster lasting alliances that will benefit Lochmere and the populace of Atlantia with our neighboring Baronies.

A word about our current situation. We are living in unprecedented times. While life may go back to something closer to what it was, some aspects may not return for a while. We promise to Lochmere and to all of Atlantia to be flexible and innovative to not just maintain participation in the SCA but to try hard to promote even more participation because we want to
help take care of all of our populace and friends. Keeping in touch and keeping our minds active goes a long way to helping everyone maintain mental health in these trying times. We want to help as many as we can.

In closing, we hope that you will consider our candidacy for the Baron and Baroness of Lochmere. If you have any questions about us or what we intend to strive for, please ask. We would love to talk about who we are and what we hope to do. It would be a great honor and a sincere privilege to represent Lochmere as your Baron and Baroness.

Magestra Letia Thistelhueyt and the Honorable Lord Linhart von Marburg

Unto our fellow citizens of Lochmere, the great officers of this fine barony, peers of the realm, Their Excellencies Cormac and Sarra, and Their Majesties:

We, Letia and Linhart, send our warmest greetings. Today we publicly and officially ask to be considered as the next Baron and Baroness of the august, formidable, and always crabby barony of Lochmere. We seek to fill this position after much thought and deliberation on the tasks and challenges that will be asked of us. If we are chosen to serve the barony and kingdom in this way, we have determined that we are willing and that our combined SCA experiences have prepared us to serve Lochmere well in this capacity.

We would like to share with you a little of our background experiences that have prepared us to serve Lochmere as Baronage:

Magestra Letia was welcomed into the SCA through a demo in Windmaster’s Hill in the Summer of AS XXIX (1994). Since then, she has called fellow Atlantians some of her dearest friends and family. Her delight in and enthusiasm for sword fighting has recently earned her the title Master of Defence. Her book binding and scribal arts have earned her membership in the Order of the Pearl. Letia moved to Lochmere a few years ago, and while she had been honored as a permanent citizen in Windmaster’s Hill, the crab’s claw has taken hold and she has developed much love for Lochmere in that time.

The Honourable Lord Linhart started his SCA journey as a native to Lochmere in AS XLVI (2011). He, too, has a passion for sword fighting which has granted him entry into the Order of the White Scarf. His curiosity and research of many arts from woodworking to weaving has earned him a Coral Branch.

We both have been honored with Opals for our service to our Kingdom. Letia has spent time as an exchequer for a smaller canton within Windmaster’s Hill and has served as their knight marshal. Linhart has served as knight marshal for Lochmere for 4 years.

We both love learning and sharing our knowledge. We have also both received our Masters from the University of Atlantia and Letia has received her Sea Stag.

This time of lockdown has been hard on everyone in Lochmere and the known world. We hope as Baronage we will be able to continue to encourage the crabby pride of Lochmere and continue to unlock the talents, skill, and sense of community that is the heart of this barony. We look forward to seeing our community again in person, and until then, connect through new innovative ways at a distance. Thanks for your time and consideration of support.

Yours In Service,
Letia and Linhart