Night On The Line (2021)

The ongoing plague means the town of Smeewick will have to wait one more year until the fae visit.  Instead, please join the Barony of Lochmere for a Night On the Line.   Their Excellencies of Lochmere, Baron Linhart and Baroness Letia ask you to break bread with them as they hold court. 

For those who wish to eat medievally, a feast menu, associated recipes, and video instruction will be provided by Lady Katla in advance of the event.  

Additional classes and contests (involving fire perhaps?) and zoom details will be posted in the near future.  Event is tentatively scheduled from 1 pm to 5 pm.

There will be an A&S Display and Competition leading up to the event, with Competition winners announced in court on the day of the event! Please check out the following link for more details: A&S Display & Competition.