Battle on the Bay 2015

Battle of the Bay 2015: Samkeppni Ernir (A Competition of Eagles)

BotB Schedule  **NEW UPDATE**

Come join the Baronies of Lochmere and Storvik in our recreation of the Battle of Hastings!

The time is September 1066 when William the Conqueror and his Norman armies invade England held by Harold II and the Saxons.  Come and enjoy the spectacle as each side clash at this historic battle setting the course of events in Europe for centuries.

Battle of the Bay for 2015: Samkeppni Ernir, is multi-faceted event designed to challenge the: most puissant of warriors; skilled archers; and astute thinkers. The event consists of a tournament in six parts, with the winner being the contestant who fares the best over all. Two parts are designed to challenge the mind; a series of heraldry and chess puzzles to be pondered over and submitted for consideration by a panel of judges. Two competitions to challenge the hand/eye coordination of our archers – one in target archery, the other in combat archery. Finally, there are two parts to challenge the warrior (skilled with either sword or rapier), a warlord tourney where honor and renown will be earned by the victorious captain and team.

For those not inclined to compete in the Samkeppni Ernir, there will be fighting, fencing, Arts and Sciences displays, dancing, a brewing competition, target archery and thrown weapons! Something for everyone to enjoy!

The feast is being prepared by Lochmere’s own chef extraordinaire, Lady Christiana Irina Chaykinaia and will consist of the following three courses:

Course 1: Bread; Various cheeses; Herbed and plain butters; Summer vegetable soup

Course 2: Grilled- beef, pork, chicken, and shrimp; Pasties of four varieties (Spinach and Feta, Carrot and Onion, Parsnip and Cabbage, Mushroom)

Course 3: Cookies (Ginger, Date, and Anise), Almond Cakes, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Whipped Cream

Drinks: Ginger Lemonade, Mint Tincture, and Water

Site: Patuxent River Park (aka Croom Park) 16000 Croom Airport Road Upper Marlboro, Maryland The site opens at 4 pm Friday and closes at 11 am Sunday


Adult, Member:          $10.00 Day-Trip          $9.00 Feast      $5.00 Camping
Adult, Non-Member:  $15.00 Day-Trip          $9.00 Feast      $5.00 Camping
Youth (5-17):                $5.00 Day-Trip            $9.00 Feast      $0.00 Camping
Child (0-4):                   $0.00 Day-Trip            $0.00 Feast      $0.00 Camping

Gate Fee at the door will be $12.00 for members, $17.00 for non-members.  Make Checks Payable To:  SCA-MD, Inc., Barony of Lochmere

Directions: From the Capital Beltway, I-495 either direction. EXIT 11A Rt. 4 South/East toward UPPER MARLBORO (6 mi). Exit right on Old Crain Hwy.  Take the ramp toward US-301/ WALDORF. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto OLD CRAIN HWY. Turn LEFT onto CROOM STATION RD. Turn LEFT onto CROOM RD/ MD-382. Turn LEFT onto CROOM AIRPORT RD. End at 16000 Croom Airport Rd Upper Marlboro, MD 20772-8395 (Note: While on Croom Airport Rd. do NOT turn left at any point.)

Site Restrictions: Site opens at 4 pm on Friday and closes at 11 am on Sunday. The site is wet, but please use period containers. Dogs are welcome, but must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your pet.

Autocrat Contact Info: Lady Genevieve Dampier de la Marche(Karen Kalbaugh), 8306 Widgeon Place, Laurel, MD 20724, Phone: (313) 330-7441, Email:  k[UNDERSCORE]kalbaugh[AT]yahoo[DOT]com AND Lord Cormac Ua Rigan (Matt Regan), 3070 Saint Johns Lane, Ellicott City, MD  21042 Email:  cormacc[AT]outlook[DOT]com

Reservations: Mistress Medb Ingen Brain (Lynda Assur), 1225 Johnson Drive, Shady Side, Maryland 20764, Email:  medbingenbrain[AT]comcast[DOT]net

Other Information:  At this time, please direct all field and camping space requests to the autocrat.  Please include CAMPING SPACE – BATTLE ON THE BAY in email subject line.

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